Rawlings REV1X Series 11.75" Inch Baby Blue Infield Glove RREV205-2XCB

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Hand Throw

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The Rawlings REV1X baseball glove is a revolutionary baseball glove that is poised to change the game of baseball. In an era where advanced statistics and data analysis have become integral to the sport, the REV1X is designed to adapt and excel in the evolving landscape.

Years of extensive research and development have culminated in the creation of the REV1X. Rawlings has pushed the boundaries of glove design, discarding traditional concepts and embracing the next generation of technology. The result is a glove that challenges the status quo and delivers unparalleled performance on the field.

The REV1X boasts an ultra-lightweight construction that molds to the hand for a form-fitting feel. Thanks to Carbon's Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology, the glove achieves a perfect 3-D shape. This cutting-edge manufacturing process also allows for thinner yet sturdier padding, ensuring long-lasting durability without sacrificing protection. The sleek profile of the REV1X maintains its integrity over time, offering consistent performance game after game.

One of the key innovations of the REV1X lies in its optimized lattice structure. This unique design provides variable stiffness in the thumb and pinky areas, significantly reducing the glove's weight. Despite the reduction in weight, the REV1X maintains its ability to protect the hand and withstand the rigors of the game.

The lace-less web design of the REV1X is another groundbreaking feature. By eliminating the top-of-the-web lacing, Rawlings has enhanced fielding ability, allowing players to make quicker and more efficient plays.

Comfort and customization are crucial aspects of any glove, and the REV1X addresses these factors with its adaptive fit system. This system accommodates a wider range of wrist sizes, ensuring a snug and tailored fit that feels like a custom-made glove. The use of world-renowned Heart of the Hide® palm leather padding further enhances comfort and authenticity.

Rawlings has employed advanced manufacturing processes and materials to ensure that the REV1X performs at its peak from the moment it's used. Immediate and consistent performance is guaranteed, allowing players to step onto the field with confidence.

The Rawlings REV1X baseball glove represents a new era in glove design and performance. With its revolutionary technologies, lightweight construction, improved fielding ability, and customizable fit, the REV1X is poised to reshape the way players approach defense. Embrace the REVolution and experience the future of baseball gloves with the Rawlings REV1X.

Rawlings REV1X Series 11.75" Inch Baby Blue Infield Glove RREV205-2XCB - CustomBallgloves.com

Rawlings REV1X Series 11.75" Inch Baby Blue Infield Glove RREV205-2XCB

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