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Akadema “Pancake” Infield Training Glove


The Akadema "Pancake" Infield Training Glove is a high-quality baseball training tool designed to help players of all levels improve their fielding skills. Its unique design features a "pancake" style pocket that allows players to quickly and easily scoop up ground balls, while the lightweight construction allows for quick and easy transfer of the ball from glove to throwing hand. The glove is made from premium materials that are built to last, and its durable construction makes it suitable for regular use. The design of the "Pancake" is specifically tailored to help players develop their skills, with a lightweight and easy-to-control design that will give them the confidence they need to catch and throw with precision. The unique "pancake" style pocket and the flexible leather construction of the glove allows for excellent ball control, making it perfect for players of all levels looking to improve their fielding skills. It's suitable for infield training and perfect for baseball coaches to use in the practice sessions.

Glove Sizing Guide & Info


Ages 7 and under: 8 - 10.5" Inches

Ages 8-10: 10.5 - 11.25" Inches

Ages 11-13: 11 - 11.5" Inches

Ages 14+: 11.25 - 11.5" Inches


Ages 7 and under: 8 - 10.5" Inches

Ages 8-10: 10.5 - 11.5" Inches

Ages 11-13: 11 - 11.75" Inches

Ages 14+: 11.5 - 12" Inches


Ages 7 and under: 8 - 10.5" Inches

Ages 8-10: 10.5 - 11.5" Inches

Ages 11-13: 11.5 - 12" Inches

Ages 14+: 11.5 - 12" Inches


Ages 7 and under: 9 - 10.5" Inches

Ages 8-10: 10 - 12" Inches

Ages 11-13: 11.75 - 12.75" Inches

Ages 14+: 12 - 13” Inches


Ages 7 and under: 29.5 - 30" Inches

Ages 8-10: 30 - 31" Inches

Ages 11-13: 30 - 32.5" Inches

Ages 14+: 32 - 34” Inches


Ages 7 and under: 11.5" Inches

Ages 8-10: 11.5 - 12" Inches

Ages 11-13: 11.5 - 12" Inches

Ages 14+: 12 - 13" Inches

-With a wide variety of glove types available, the range of sizes is even more extensive. Nailing down the right glove size can be quite a challenge. Yet, at, we strive to simplify this process. Two key factors come into play when determining the ideal glove size. The first consideration is the player's age. If the player is under 10 years old and lacks a primary position, they should explore sizes within the 9" - 11" range. Opting for a smaller mitt within this range boosts their confidence through better control, while ensuring comfort across all positions.

-In contrast to bats, assessing the quality of gloves is straightforward. The level of investment in a glove directly correlates with its durability and consistency. Budget-friendly gloves have a quicker break-in period, rendering them game-ready sooner, yet they tend to have shorter lifespans. On the other hand, premium gloves can withstand multiple seasons but might demand a more thorough break-in process.

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Akadema “Pancake” Infield Training Glove -

Akadema “Pancake” Infield Training Glove

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